The Pipeline Stakeholder Engagement Communications platform (pSEc) was developed as a feedback mechanism, to support the Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology required for the Stakeholder Engagement tenant of API 1173. SOAR is one of many forms of Stakeholder Engagement that can be used to improve safety.  The people with boots on the ground are uniquely qualified to provide feedback (safety observations) in their areas of operation.  This feedback on assets, procedures, programs, or operations, by district or across the company supports the identification of both systemic and local issues as perceived by your employees.  The aggregation and analysis of this feedback is used to drive further investigation, and where necessary management of change to improve safety. pSEc provides the following features in support of Stakeholder Engagement:



  • Creation of structured questionnaires to support automated analytics
  • Questionnaires are configurable by district, area of interest and/or stakeholder
  • Stakeholders include employees and contractors
  • Registration of the stakeholders can be individually accomplished or uploaded by admin
  • Promotion code management supports internal marketing performance


  • Notification feature to communicate with stakeholders of results such as lessons learned
  • Stakeholder feedback may be input via the web or mobile phone
  • Stakeholders may provide supporting images to their observations
  • Stakeholder feedback may be collected anonymously


  • Management of feedback disposition by the admin
  • Analysis by stakeholder / district / observation
  • Analysis of performance metrics associated with measuring levels of engagement




  • Communicate analysis results to appropriate personnel for corrective action
  • Notification of analysis communication to stakeholder
  • Tracking corrective action thru management of change
  • Notification of corrective action to stakeholder



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