Did you communicate as required by your plan?

ICAM for Public Awareness is 100% configurable, allowing for the management, scheduling, tracking, documenting and reporting of communications associated with compliance. Each operator may determine the level of detail to be managed within the system.


Schedule processes for each stakeholder audience to document the fact that you communicated as your
plan said you would.


Document the languages used for all stakeholders, and if there were any new languages that needed to
be used to make adjustments to the plan.


Document the primary and any supplemental messages sent to each stakeholder. 



Document what method was used for each communication, then review which method worked or did not
and adjust the plan accordingly. 


Keep track of the frequency of each communication with scheduling to make sure the plan is followed
as it states.

To learn more about how the ICAM platform may be implemented to support your Quality Management approach to Public Awareness, please contact us.