Communication and Information Exchange


pSEc provides the ability to gain feedback from the people directly involved with the integrity and operations of assets to provide valuable input to the proactive steps needed to take in order to maintain a “Safer Environment”.  Engaging internal and external resources is one of the critical components to Pipeline Safety Management.  Different from the typical survey tool because it was built w/ domain expertise and configurable to meet the many needs of operators.

With pSEc the site admin has the ability to very simply create articles, presentations, videos, surveys, questionnaires and forums, which are configured to inform, measure understanding and collect organizational feedback.

Configurable – pSEc includes configurable registration with email verification and the optional selection of State / District-County / Department-Stakeholder / Role / Demographics and Personal Information.  Registration can also capture additional user information and demographics to support greater analytics.

Access Control – Registration parameters are used to control access and the associated communications / information exchange features available for each PSMS audience.

Web / Mobile – The pSEc platform may be accessed via the internet or through a mobile application and is specifically designed to meet the communication and information exchange requirements of API 1173.

Survey/Questionnaire – Configurable to focus on generating the feedback required to investigate to develop beneficial correct actions for improved safety.

Measurement of Understanding – Provide information for review, followed by a questionnaire to measure the understanding of that information.  Based on the measure of understanding your content can be updated to ensure better communications going forward.  Ability for continuous improvement in messaging.

Disposition/Resolution – Review feedback for systemic improvements and categorization.

Notification – Support the other side of two-way communication by sending notifications to people to keep them informed and engaged.

Forum – Create topics to generate discussions or provide information to the public.

Analytics / Reporting – pSEc automatically populates analytical dashboards designed to measure feedback collected (counts, percentages, trends and timelines) to drive improvement.

Performance Evaluation – Measures activity metrics including registration, page views and page view duration.  Capturing total requested, actual received, material read, time spent reading material and understanding of that material.