Safety Management Systems

The creation of frameworks and standards as governance for management systems and/or other industry standards such as API 1173 have been ongoing for many years in many different industries, including, but not limited to, chemical, manufacturing and more recently pipelines.

A review of these various documents shows that they “All” contain similar requirements revolving around the quality management tenets of Plan, Do, Check and Act.  Each industry may emphasize these tenets differently, but they are the same none the less.   What is not prevalent is the implementation of control to manage the execution of these systems and to provide the ability to measure their performance against the proposed benefits.  What differentiates PI Confluence is that we go one step further by providing a GCS to support the implementation of the system, the measurement and the presentation of the performance measures against the target metrics to show maturity and to report benefit performance to senior management.

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Integrated Integrity Management

The concept of Integrated Integrity Management refers to an approach that defines and applies integrity principles to any asset class, whether it be transmission piping, a distribution system or a gas storage field.  Each of these areas has requirements detailed in various forms of governance that need to be supported by control to track execution, measure performance and document effectiveness.

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