With more than 30 years of experience and industry trust earned, we are committed to the provision of Governance and Governance Control Systems to facilitate “Quality Management” and “Performance Effectiveness”




Following the publication of the US Pipeline Safety Improvement Act in December 2002, ICAM was conceived in 2003 during discussions with Office of Pipeline Safety personnel. Subsequent meetings resulted in receiving a grant from the Department of Transportation to fund the development of a web based process management application in 2004.

Panhandle Energy agreed to champion the development and PI Confluence, “Where Process and Implementation Come Together”, was incorporated in 2005 to manage the commercial aspects of the DOT funded platform. (ICAM)

2006 – 2017

Over the last 11 years, ICAM has developed into a fully functional, configurable quality management platform that may be utilized to control the execution and performance measurement through process / workflow management.

2011 – 2015

In 2011, funded by PRCI, PipelineWatch was developed as a web based role/county specific platform to manage the stakeholder engagement required by Public Awareness.  This platform was later enhanced to become pSEc to manage stakeholder engagement through communications and information exchange for both internal and contractor audiences.

2015 – Present

With the growing number of “Management Systems” being developed and deployed, it became evident that they would ultimately lose their value if there were no controls to manage execution, document performance and demonstrate that the objective benefits were in fact being achieved.  The suite of applications (ICAM and pSEc) combine to manage “What You Do” and “What You Know” as a Governance Control System.