“In my time working with PI Confluence I have found that they are always quick to answer any questions, are exceptionally easy to work with, have outstanding customer relationships, and are always open to new suggestions and ideas. Using ICAM has allowed us to become more confident that we are documenting our work and have ease in proving we did it right.”

Paul Campbell


“We have used ICAM for 10 years to maintain the workflow and process management. ICAM is a one-stop platform for managing, scheduling, tracking, documenting and reporting the execution of both our Transmission and Distribution Integrity Management Programs. We will be implementing it for our Storage Field Integrity Program in Q4. The dashboards and Risk analysis component of ICAM are an essential part of an effective DIMP within Black Hills. The ability to prove that you are doing what you say you are going to do and the benefit of continuity and stability in today’s changing workforce, protects us against the associated business risks. ICAM provides defensible records which are must haves for our company in this time of extreme scrutiny and regulatory demands within the pipeline industry.”

Jim Arehart
Black Hills Energy


“From the process management to the dash boarding capabilities and the expert advice, ICAM is a one stop shop to manage the work we do to achieve our objectives and be able to document who, what, when, where, why and why not.”

Matthew Brown
Duke Energy

“I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful ICAM was as a resource in our recent Transmission Integrity audit.  The amount of data, the ease in going to the data  and how it facilitated the presentation of our Who, What, When, Where and Why to the inspectors, justified our confidence in PI Confluence and ICAM. In 2007 we had 23 Notices of Amendment and 2 Warning letters. Ten years later after engaging PI Confluence and implementing ICAM we completed the audit in less than 5 days with no citations.  Thanks”

Bobby Welch
Westlake Chemical